I could quote my last two years of posts about the inadequacy of the Canadian Hockey or Hockey Canada program even when they win but this year they proved my point. Their 17 year olds are better than our 18 year olds. Fact. It isn’t the loss of one game , it is the institutionalized stupidity of endless hockey decisions all the way down to the bottom levels of hockey. Favouritism, unfairness of all kinds and coaches who value their records over the needs of the players are just the sort of things that have made this team laughable. It all adds up…or rather it subtracts from the essence of what could be a way more satisfying result. My prediction when the dust settles is that Dave Lowry will meet an untimely end for the selections and the management decisions that were made in the name of winning. I will blame him too. But not for his management style but rather for calling out of an 18 year old in the press., Mitch Marner. I am not sure what he thought he was doing so wrong but I saw Canada’s best player working his tail off when Jake Virtanen took some really untimely penalties. I am not sure what Lowry was doing other than trying to shed the blame on a good kid, by all accounts. Not cool. Not cool at most levels but really not cool at a level of hockey where is parents are with him and it has become a fun little party over in Finland. We all saw what Marner did today scoring twice. but I don’t credit Lowry with that. He may have tried to light a fire under him but what I think he did, was embarrass him…not cool. Marner in, Lowry out. I can’t wait to see Marner play as a Leaf.
I have detailed in the past about Junior hockey in Canada so I won’t go on about it here but rest assured we are being passed and quickly by The USA, Sweden, Finland, and Russia (again). mark my words…and I wish I was wrong
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