The problem is co-ordination of various levels and departments. It is hard for a country that is so grounded in individualism and free speech to actually do the right thing. They are are the like 8 octupus limbs but from 8 different octupi. It looks like an organism but it is really separate branches of different beasts. It is also hard to legislate around the concepts of fear and self interest. “I want a gun because I have a right” not “If I have a gun someone might get hurt” or “My right supercedes the public good” and always will. Self interest is so strong that even in Government, people only do what they want, what they feel they should do. Like Kim Davis. In Canada, we have people that oppose Gay Marriage but they would never stand up for their right to oppose it at their workplace, especially in Governement. They might pray but not fight. That doesn’t preclude us from being tough, in battle or war maybe the toughest…or up there but our obedience and persistance, co-ordination and commandability are the qualities that makes us Canadians. In the USA, Everyone knows what the right thing to do is but they will never talk to the right person to actually get things done. If it is their job then no one tells them, if it was someone elses job nobody else is responsible. The USA is conceptually the greatest country in the world but as a working model thepersonalities and resentments that are allowed to continue to exist and scar their future will never go away. The War of independance is just ending, the Civil War continues, the war on drugs HAS JUST STARTED and they are about to build a wall between it’s second biggest trading partner. They have no plan, direction or solution because they can’t see the land for the fog in their selfish heads. They wrote a great constitution but are really afraid to allow it to work for them in a positive way. The right to bear arms had nothing to do with shooting cans off a log on a Saturday afternoon. But they love to do that and they also have Inter continaental ballistics which they like to shoot off in the very same way. It is an adolescent country smart enough to fool its own therapist and stupid enough to continue doing the very same thing over and over. “it’s not my department ” should be their slogan

#dearrobtrick from Facebook


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