I am not sure about a lot of things lately. I have been trying to articulate my thoughts about the upcoming election and I know how I FEEL but i can’t really pinpoint it in terms of actual policies. In recent conversations about politics on holiday, I have been surprised by as many people who aren’t moving from Harper’s bandwagon. Although I appreciate their freedom of thought, and their need to express themselves , I do think that is the very thing on the table…Freedom. I don’t have to know what the other leaders are saying, truthfully, to know that a portion of my vote is for continuing freedom. In my time on this planet, I have been all over, and met people of all stripes politically, socially, culturally including immigrants from away. In the recent Bill C51 their status has been compromised to satisfy the bigotry and callousness of people who may have never met people from elsewhere or who have forgotten their own roots…are we all not immigrants? I am ashamed to be a Canadian with laws that suspend the rights of people who have done nothing wrong other that the colour on the stamp on their passport.

How can I support Harper? How can I support Harper when major parts of our constitution are crossed out? Between proroguing parliament, suspending rights of individuals, excluding or banning the press. or Stopping Military funerals on TV. The Greeks have a word for it , HUBRIS. It is the same thing that got many others to fall from grace. They also have another word Catharsis…

I have heard that they, his supporters, like that he has removed the impediments to getting things done…There are many examples in history of realms who have removed the barriers to getting things done…

The democratic/parliamentary model is meant as a way that we can proceed making decisions without regret. Certainly your opinion was defeated but it gave you a chance to be heard, to be watched in the future as a leader, Like a Jack Layton or Robert Standfield, Ed Broadbent, Great Canadians who never held the mantle of Prime Minister but leaders nonetheless. Parliamentarians who were relegated to the opposition but were incredibly important and celebrated for remaining an important part of the fabric that is Canada. Heroes of ideologies that cannot be squashed and are representative of what we truly are. I have never minded losing, but to be denied participation, I have.

Or is it King Stephen until further notice?

Dieu et Mon Droit

Your loyal subject


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