Great Wolf Lodge

So after you read this can you click through and comment on the picture you see below so that I can win the 15,000 prize and the trip to the louvre?

As many of you may remember I went to Great Wolf Lodge on Monday and Tuesday. I had spent all day Sunday getting the starter fixed so that we could make the trip because we have said NO to our kids way too often lately and we were going. WE HAD TO GO…all of us. We have been various forms of Skint and it has been very hard to do things lately. On Saturday night we were trying to go to a drive in movie north of Newmarket, but I had lost the keys. I love Drive ins and we were headed to see Pitch Perfect 2 and I hoped to tag on Mad Max 3, But by losing the keys it delayed our leaving and pushed the idea aside. Instead we went to the Beaches Cinema for the late show. Sadly and comparatively luckily, our Car wouldn’t start. I say sadly because it then meant I was going to be busy on a sunday getting it fixed. Luckily because we weren’t stranded 50 miles from home at the drive in. So we waited for the Boost Tow but we already had surmised it was the starter. My wife Caroline and I are getting way to good at diagnosing problems with cars.. Eventually I sent them home in a cab and I slept in the back of the suburban Eventually the send the BIG truck and I get the suburban towed or carried home. . The Next day I decide to try the car and nothing. We had thought it might have been wet but I couldn’t take the chance with the impending trip—Change The starter was the order– I was lucky enough to find a shop open on a Sunday and had it towed there. I had checked on Youtube what was needed and knew it would take approximately fifteen minutes to fix…I was there all day. Time passed but i did everything to pass it. Eventually it was fixed. Cut to Monday. We drive down to Niagara Falls. We have entered the hallowed halls of Great Wolf Lodge. It is madness and I have had my fill the moment I walk in. After two hours my kids are still going strong. My wife has decided to go to the car to get the stuff. She leaves and returns with the news “the car wouldn’t start”…”HUH!!” I say. I am trying everything in my power not to scream but I know it isn’t her fault and frankly I would look like everyone else at Great Wolf Lodge if I did scream. Calmly I asked., ” “Whaddya mean?”. “Oh I moved it”…”yes?”…”AND?”…”THEN IT WOULDN’T START”.

AFTER I STOPPED CRYING, I said “OK, here we go” . I got on Facebook and I look for my friends from Stand-up. I have done stand up for thirty years…29 and I have friends in every town. Recently I hooked back up with the great Mark Matthews and one of his friends and now mine, Virgil Howarth. We started to chat via Facebook and I was set up with a mechanic and I had a ride with my whole family to Toronto, with Virgil in the afternoon, if i needed it…Pretty special if you ask me. It is hard sometimes for men to show gratitude and I am not sure if I am here. But lest it be known, I would do the same for them. There is a funny thing about us comics we all kinda know we are in the same boat…at all times. It doesn’t float without the generosity of spirit of guys like Mark and Virgil.

I called CAA on Monday Night and when the tow truck driver showed up he tested the electricals…I then suggested that maybe a wire was loose…I was right. Relieved i returned to my room where my wife and children were excited to hear that the car was fixed AGAIN!. We own a 1996 GMC suburban…there will be problem but we love the space and i love that I can spread out in the without bending my knees.

It is a weird thing to be in a business like comedy whereby you wonder where the break will come or fame or even just money but the richness you find amongst each other may be all there is…but all in all, that makes me feel pretty rich

#dearrobtrick from Facebook



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