a tale of two Jenners

In the old days, people who were different, were “allowed’ a role on the edge of society. they took issues and medicated them by performing rituals or dressing like birds or wolves, wearing head dress or running around nude. They would go into trances, or read bones dropped on the floor. They would read leaves or smoke a substance to see things all in an attempt to give clarity to the rest of us. Often times they were gender neutral or sexually ambiguous. They were important and valued for the role they played and needed because they allowed stranger behaviours. when churches became more institutional they were forced to wear robes instead of rags and conform with some sort of “Norm” in the role…all of which was alienating to its own origin. Shaman became priests, Medicine men became clowns, Drummers became musicians, heart beat became pulse. And always we watched to get the relief we needed from the stresses of hunting and gathering and the beginnings of an agrarian lifestyle. We always watched to know that we are not trapped. n lovelessness or in one town or another we could always get away from whatever ails us…for even just an instant. The abnormal part is when we try to define things from a modern context and it traps us away from our own biological determinism. Caitlyn isn’t a new thing it is the old thing in new clothes, again. It is not the new norm, it is fifty shades of Orange being the new black. Bruce Jenner is normal and Caitlyn Jenner is more normal #dearrobtrick from Facebook



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