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How much education did he get? I have said that i sympathize but how do you think this works? His agenda is not the parties agenda it works the other way around. The Beach doesn’t dictate Ontario. Sadly though it may seem it is and always will be the other way around. I am a B.Ed and I don’t blame him. Because you were represented by Michael Prue it was easy for him to say what he thought with no real effect or influence. When you have someone in the ruling party they are subjected to huge amounts of discipline…If it is fine and wonderful to believe he should be raising hell but truthfully he could be working very diligently inside the liberal caucus to fight off what ever your complaints are. Being in opposition is the best and easiest place to voice opinions but has the least effect.

Look I went to a meeting for DA Morrison whereby they had already chosen their path and were having a public meeting…that would have changed nothing…the cart is before the horse on a whole lot of issues because they are following dictates from way above themselves. It is Thatcherism, Reagonomics, Harris and Harper all rolled into a new way of doing things where they balance budgets, offload cost and reduce, resell, recycle old ideas so that their ledgers are black but at the expense of future. If they sell schools it will cost money to rebuild them…more money. We should have been building infrastructure , subway tunnels, sewers, and many more capital investments. But when Mulroney decided Canada shouldn’t finance Toronto and so on we have ended up where we are. This is a worldwide issue that started with thatcher closing mines and changing healthcare. Canada has always taken its cues from outside so the forces are pretty strong forces against us towards some of the issues to which we address ourselves.. . The next step is how do we claw back that power. Look a Trudeau just voted against his father’s bill of rights…was that gutless?

I just want to ask what is your stake is in this…? It feels like you are very disturbed by all this when really all these things will pass. I think we have agreed that it is the systems, both political and education that need an overhaul and that Teachers are great. Is Arthur Potts really the biggest failing MPP? and in charge of our education system? If he hasn’t answered your email yet that doesn’t surprise me. Is there and answer that will satisfy you? If you want to know why he hasn’t responded, you might want to ask him if you can shadow him as MPP for a day. I think you will be very surprised how much all of them do regardless of their political stripe…and how many more people and issues that are on his plate….Imagine being a parent of quadruplets who are all on a scheduled feeding…

There is an old Russian proverb “you can’t move the furniture until you are in the house”. It is true of him and you and me…

I wonder would you push a Conservative like this? I am amazed . It is a waste of time to try to convince you of how things work or don’t…that is where efforts like this would have the greatest effect. We are the government. Arthur Potts or Kathleen Wynne still have to “look into this”. It is not a dictatorship and certainly not one that is being ruled by the member from Beaches/ East York. I hope you take up the profession of Teaching so that you can know how hard it is and how tired and burned out they get each year as they help your kids through a complicated beginning. Often the teachers do professional development in the summers in areas like Special Ed. to Robotics and photography. They tend to be life long learners and try to infuse that into their classrooms. Your concerns for your own kids and their education can usually be founded in your own experiences and not necessarily with the teachers they actually have. Do I have problems with the system…absolutely but I go to meetings that are oriented around my concerns. I am trained as a teacher actually but didn’t do it because I was overwhelmed by the immense paperwork that the teachers do every night. They get home every night after coaching and work until 11pm. Then sleep until practice starts in the morning, or rehearsal or band. When people talk about the holidays I laugh because I would to see most people do a sixteen hour day then do it again five days a week. So, for 220 days or so a year they are on for 10 to 16 hours a day and usually with a smile. If it was the other way around could you do it? “ask not what your Country can do for you but what you can do for your country” #dearrobtrick from Facebook



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