As you may know…

As you may know I am the shuttle service for my Mother. For her her ailments are many and I have to travel to and fro to the many doctors. My sister was doing it all before June of last year while she lived near Peterborough. Now she lives on Yonge Street, so I have taken up the mantle. I go to hearing appointments, Breast exams, blood work, mammograms, Eye doctors and lunch. I have fixed her TV, her chair, Her table, her lighting, her attitude and her teeth…and her smile… I have three other siblings who have done nothing. And as cliche as it may sound they are the losers. They don’t get to laugh with her or tell jokes. The other day I learned how to put hearing aids in my ears…I am going to need that….for sure. Except when I act with Tony Nappo, or Maria Vacratsis. Hearing aids won’t be necessary then. Truthfully it is their loss. I was there when my dad passed.I will try to be when my mother does. I think that pain and suffering are inconvenient these days. It doesn’t fit the world of the hipster or the aestetically correct who use terms like TMI. TMI is the wrong term. I want to know more…keep talking so that I can appreciate the information. I am not afraid of information or more so Truth which has been hidden from us for so long. Other peiople seem to be in hiding about ineviatbility. I have lunched with a wonderful woman who is 89 who repeats the words “Ok” and “Oh really”. She might be 68 pounds and walks around with my mother and her friends. There is another woman who is 92 who flies around to hair appointments and thinks I should dye my hair …Then there is Bernadette who I have conspired with to give me her curry recipe. and we can’t forget Lindy who is so bent over when she walks but when she sits she has the most beautiful eyes…and laugh and nothing gets by her. I treat them like people and they treat me like a friend. The reason I do it is muddle between Joy and Love with adash of obligation…but I find it easy I never thought I would. I often thin that we should forget our friends when we enter this world and that others will be found…something good has to come out of it. I don’t know which friends you have lost buthave faith in us because we are here regardless. When I travel past Gower on my way to pottery road I always think of you guys. I could drop by but usually I am going to a similar place in Oncology or Breast imaging centre. As long as 9 know you are out there I feel you guys in my heart. I do know this though that , perhaps I find my strength because of you and Stu. I say yes because of you. And I can’t say no because of you. This has been a strange time for all of us. But i will stay strong and you can always count on us in some way… #dearrobtrick from Facebook



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