The next wave

the question is interesting because if Obama were white, would there be as many filibusters? Between the Tea party and that 100% compliance mentioned above, it would seem that the republicans are disabling the passage of democracy. Or they are trying desperately to stop progress of some sort. It does look like Racism on a superficial level but what does the wave of Obama really mean? Because of the exclusion of African Americans from decision making for so many years, I feel that it is a visual representation of the owners of industry to hold on to the way things were…as if they were better before. I often wonder why people fight so hard for concepts when people will die before they get implemented or the implementation will outlast them. Why did Lincoln fight to end slavery…because he was decent? or because he had a dream?. What will the establishment lose if more “new” people succeed in their quest for power. Are they fighting for the next generation of entitled people? They, who have had only peripheral contact with the real world and will continue to send young people to war on their behalf?. With The desperation of the Tea party agenda, The far right and the hyper conservatism to me is like people opposing Elvis when he started…He couldn’t be stopped. It isn’t about Race it is about Rich versus Poor. But with elements like Fox News espousing an incredibly Xenophobic agenda, it would seem that there is denial, a denial about the inevitability of the changes coming. I also think that the change is being played out as though it coming when it fact it has already come. Obama was elected across a country where white and black are mixing more and more and those private neighbourhoods are fighting to the end what is ostensibly an uphill battle. Yes in the USA there is Racism, but in a coffee shop or football stadium, or the price is right people are sitting side by side enjoying what they bought or cheering for each other to get a $1.00 from a spin. Sure we notice skin colour but now we revel in it And Conservatives don’t want that…but it will only happen more and more.‪#‎dearrobtrick‬


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