LA, Ba, BEd. and other some such places

When I got my teaching certificate from OISE and FEUT here in Toronto, I craved an answer to a question that arose from my time at Weston Collegiate in Etobicoke. The question kept being altered by the next School I went to, Northern SS and then finally Unionville HS. Basically I wanted to know what made kids at some schools succeed and at others they were falling by the wayside. The last two schools definitely ran on a different model and produced radically superior results. So here was my conclusion which you might find inspiring…The critical difference between the success rates as I saw it were…the involvement of parents. I am not sure if this is a new idea and most people suspect it but when i got to weston I saw kids who would have no one to come home too or the parents did’t really seem to care if the children out paced them. At the other school, I worked on a movie with a student the following summer and he won a YTV achievement award. He had a computer he could edit on and the backing of his parents. He now lives in LA and produces shows…The last school I went to succeeded because of the of it’s heart. The students were loved. At that school we went to a Comedy Club and produced a night of Stand-up comedy with 45 students participating. They excelled and we beamed. All the parents showed up and were really pleased, One of those students from another year won a Canadian Comedy award for Favourite Female Stand-up. There is no tangible record of the first school that I know of. I went on to teach at Humber College so I haven’t joined the system as such but I do know that I would love to have done a play or start a choir at he first school to involve as many parents as possible and build faith and connection with the school. My advice to you is that your daughter will excel because of who you are. The teacher thing is only 5 hours a day. that and the time you spent making sure she was ready to learn will pay dividends in the long run….and Fighting the system? Go for it but not at the expense of your time with her #dearrobtrick from Facebook



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