Dear Facebook:

Dear Facebook:

We have been together for 7 years now, almost 8. I know you love me. But I want to admit some things to you. I smell. I mean I know I post some beauty photos…They look really good…but I smell. I feel your warmth coming off my computer screen. But I stink. I am so real almost like a reality show real.Like real real. I smell. When we get close it won’t be the aroma of the pixels and the blueish theme but rather the chocolate breath from eating a second batch of snickers that day or the curried chick peas I had in my chana masala. Excuse my humanity Facebook. I am but a mere mortal that strives to be you but can only wish not to smell and stink…I smell. When we hug I will be Garlicky, Chocolate, and a bit Hairy. I can’t wait. I love you facebook but I need to take a shower, and brush my teeth and comb my hair. #facebook #dearrobtrick from Facebook



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