Limits and Boundaries

Limits and boundaries. Scores to settle and true bravery.

I have been watching the scores of postings about policing, brutality, Ghomeshigate and even Cosby, flooding in. It might be a stretch but I see a similarity between them all. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that they are about abuse of power or that people over stepped boundaries, of course that is true. But why now? Or rather why are they being caught at such an alarming rate. What is going on? I would argue that this is the end of these activities rather than the beginning. It might seem counter intuitive to say that, but I would argue that justice is starting to catch up. New constraints will be put in place and all new police will be more aware not to engage in certain situations. I think that although things are bad, they may be improving in the long term. The sad thing is the loss of life and liberties in the short term. Are we supposed to put up with acceptable losses? Probably not…in fact absolutely not! But it is hard to control. Whenever the rules tighten in any field, be it laws, or sports, there would seem to be an adjustment period whereby people take time to comply. It might be denial or acceptance but in a weird sort of way. It would seem that people in fact know the rules are changing but race to get their last licks in. I watched it in Hockey when they tried to rule out hits from behind and then there was a flurry of hits from behind. I watched it when they banned smoking in the subways and people would continue defiantly. Truthfully, if you put in a law that cannot be enforced then compliance is really about an agreement between the parties. It also means that if it gets out that you are powerless to enforce certain things then there will be continued disobedience. That is why during the Gold Rush there were so many murders. It is a way of negotiating terms without going to the bargaining table. Maybe, also, it is a fruitless last gasp, last grasp at the way things were and how they would wish things to continue . It is like replacing Slavery with sharecropping, a intermediate step between Slavery and freedom and trying desperately to hold on. Or the the vain attempts to control gay marriage by certain States. It is hard to put Genies back in their respective bottles. I look at various Cities or States for inspiration and I realize that we will get there. Various jurisdictions have kind of dealt with more progressive laws while the rest of the places are being dragged kicking and screaming. Why in this time of the internet and the vast sharing of knowledge would we want to go backwards. Solutions exist for transportation, energy consumption, social injustice but they hold on . In some cases, they hold on to 2500 BC, 1066, or maybe the 1950’s…as though they had it all figured out. Why do we accept things like a 500 channel universe but we deny people basic rights and health care in the richest countries in the world. It is it just about convenience and selfishness? I want public transit and streetcar tracks and socialized medicine and even 500 channels and I will pay for it all. And maybe, if I was Royalty, or a Republican, or a Saudi Royal Family member I would pay for it all. #dearrobtrick from Facebook



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