Hook , Line, and Sink Her

I tried the other day to speak more on this whole mess the other day and was rebuffed quite understandably. We are tired . We are tired of Harper, Parliament Hill, Monuments, Dying Soldiers at the hands of deeply wounded souls, The CBC, its employees and so many other things that are helping to distract ourselves from the day to day issues that are “normal” in Canada. Generally I have been able to see through the smokescreens. This time I fell and fell hard. Why did the CBC release our friend from the Mother Corp when they did? Why not earlier? The answer falls at the feet of our nations rulers. Canada has reverted to a Fascist state. I say reverted because when you have a democracy only every 5 years and the Government abuses its mandate then “Totalitarian” is the word that springs to mind. When they strip down the CBC and allow for the Rogers Hockey Deal then you no where they are headed. How is that we fell for the conservatives at any time in the past? What were we thinking? What are the acceptable losses in all of this. The assault on the CBC had already started but we are about to embark on a new path of discredit of our friends on Wellington. We have or will lose even more freedoms because of the Gunman and all of that will only strengthen our commitment to a war/s that we should have no part in. . So yea I am lumping a lot of things in here at the same time that are seemingly unrelated…but are they?

#dearrobtrick from Facebook



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