Goes Messy

What do I really think? All day long I have been making Jokes about the whole CBC fiasco. Aside from the legality of his dismissal and the validity of his partners claims I actually react less to all that than I do to something else. I was alarmed at the idea that he asked for 50,000,000 dollars. I see it as being a symptom of something that has yet to be articulated since all this has been in the news.

I am a teacher, Coach, Parent, actor, comedian, photographer and sometime employee. I have had sex as i do have two children. I didn’t know at the time that the frequency would drop as much as it has but I don’t care. My wife and I have great moments of tenderness and many fights. We argue, a lot…because we are trying to scrape our way through this life and all it presents. We fight with other parents, we console other parents, we scold our children and fight with them….we scold other children (often not welcome) but we do because we want, what we think is best for them, our kids, your kids and others. I fight about people polluting, the way people drive, the selfishness in others and the selfishness in ourselves. We fight. I fight.

But we do it out of love…no indifference over here…although sometimes I think I could give up the fight…but i fight that too.

You see I think there is a disconnect in this man who has the audacity to ask for so much money. I don’t fault him for wanting it. I won’t fault him for getting it. As they say “get it while you can”. And perhaps his a career is over.

It is this disconnect that I find curious. For a man to connect so greatly with his guests there must be a connection. For a man to sing a song there must be a connection. He might have been great. Like Gzowski? Perhaps.

I don’t know if his contract had a morals clause, i will never know nor am I interested. It is in fact irrelevant. Truthfully as I have said I don’t think the CBC has any place in the bedrooms of the nation on what has been regarded as here-say. But again it isn’t important here. Not for my argument.

My argument is different and here it is. In all my roles, I am faced with temptation and know that I would be castigated publicly for any of his actions if I were to perform them. The only thing that differentiates me from him is that his celebrity somehow enables him to have proclivities that he can wear like a badge. I also don’t have time for proclivities (whatever they might be?). I don’t have energy for proclivities. Don’t get me wrong I endorse them within a consenting union (for however long).

But here’s the thing, at some point he must have known that all this would have become exposed. Is he Naive? or, is he Is he seeking unconditional LOVE. Every single gesture he has made has been a cry for unconditional acceptance. I don’t believe his remorse, If any, and I feel that will be demonstrated over time that that is what he is seeking. When he asked for the 50mil I thought about the Math. It is an absurd amount or it is him being audacious and bold. When he wrote his letter to vocalize his side he explained his desires, so much so, as to almost say STOP…but the letter kept going. He really has no foundation in real reality or he is the most ballsy fuck I have ever seen. How do you achieve that level of entitlement? How do you survive it. His parents? Are they saying “we are behind our son 100 percent in every thing he does”

If he were my son, I would say, “it is none of my business”. when asked when he told me the settlement amount that he asked for I would say “walk away son…because at least then you can find a job”. “There is being right and there is being lonely” “You might miss the money but I can tell you are really going to miss the job”

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