Mr Vickers

From a post about Sargent at Arms Vickers

Anyone who knows anything about war and policing will know that Vickers will pay dearly for his act of heroism. His act, though justified, will haunt him. There is no short cut through these events in his mind as it plays over and over. Killing isn’t easy even when it is justifiable. But he acted quickly and assuredly and saved countless lives including his own. I have seen a lot of irrelevant details spewed here. It is irrelevant if he was mentally ill, the shooter. That assessment should have been done earlier by doctors where he is from. If we are to show compassion to the mentally ill, we might be best served by funding hospitals and asylums where once these people could go to seek care. This is another symptom of cutbacks and the call to lower taxes. That shooter could have been saved a long time before he stood in front of Mr Vickers. I have no problem with what Vickers did. And although he took a life he did everyone a favour. He helped to avoid the idea of a “new normal”. If Canada has changed it wasn’t the other day It was when we cutback the help for the mentally challenged. #dearrobtrick from Facebook


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