From The Actra Toronto group

From The Actra Toronto group

The interesting thing about this debate is that people can write down all their thoughts. This is hard to achieve in a meeting with time restrictions. I am also not afraid of the bad language and the necessity of saying it like it is. No member should be offended or take things personally. As fellow union members we must understand that like a play this is a dramatic moment that must be passed through in order to achieve clarity. So with that said

Here is a perspective that I feel is important. Raise more money. I am not sure why we are arguing about any of this. Truthfully and in a strange dysfunctional way we are at odds with each other over an agreement that pays less than the minimum wage? Human rights guarantee the minimum wage but the billions of dollar movie industry is somehow exempt? I know that we have compassion we some small movie makers but I have yet to hear someone thank the tip program at the academy awards…the job of the producers is to find money. Find it! Somehow we are at each other’s throats because the pie is smaller. If someone is trying to make a film and can’t find the money then they shouldn’t be entitled to make the film. There are stories where people have gone to work on the oilfields make the money for these things. I have all the sympathy in the world for how difficult things are but the day that we start arguing is a clue that they are not doing their jobs. The other perspectives I would like to put forth is…having gone to acting school were you ever given a break on tuition? When you rode the TTC did you get a concession rate on fare?. Do you now?Do we constantly have to be understanding for their position and have to eat soup instead of steaks. The elite class in this country have constantly avoided the actual work. Between telefilm and the CRTC Canadian producers have avoided true market dynamics. We could all quote shows or movies that would never make it in the real world but were on for years here in Canada. Why is that? If the barriers to competition were removed we might have a way smaller pie but a lot of people that ride our coat tails might very well disappear.. Strangely I had this conversation recently about the process in standup and how over time you perfect your craft in 15 second increments. Because the barriers to performance are removed, comedians can write and rewrite their acts at an accelerated rate. Doing five sets a night they get better and better quickly. The feedback is immediate, and if they are tuned in they they can improve. Even theatre can rewrite on a nightly basis. Films take three weeks or a year or more to find out if they are on track. And that” on track ” means the lighting, the sound, the sets the special effects etc. Should I be subsidizing that with no rate of return? As a photographer, I have taken 260,000 images and have finally won an award. That is a lot of mistakes. But if I can shorten the time it takes make a special image I at least have a process. Do painters get their models to pay for the canvas? My point here is that without market pressure on filmmakers and by extension most arts, it is hard for the artist to find their market or more importantly their process. Now I will concede their is also a need for most arts to develop without some market pressure but isn’t that what schools are for? and there are different incubation times but eventually they have to stand on their own two feet. #dearrobtrick from Facebook



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