‘Capturing Sara Hennessey’

‘Capturing Sara Hennessey’

My name is Rob Trick, and I am …the photographer. Recently I was hired to shoot the Canadian Comedy Awards in Ottawa. I used to work as a comedian, had a good run and got my share of laughs. But that was in a previous life; now I’m just the photographer. Working along with fellow photographer Paul McKinnon, we did our best to document the passing of the Comedy torch. Cause that’s a lot of what the CCAs are all about; veteren Canadian comics sharing the stage and the trophies with the up and comers. It’s a grand tradition and an important, positive part of an otherwise tough racket. And being the photographer is an interesting position. You’re at the event where people are schmoozing and you’re just clicking away, dying to join in, even though you are working. Seeing big stars, and wondering if they notice you too. Oh, there is Ryan Bellville from “Satisfaction” and Wow! is that the cast of Second City?, Jeremy Hotz?, and Mike MacDonald . I saw Mike MacDonald when I was 15 at Yuk Yuks in Toronto. An inspiration to be sure. But I am just the Photographer, it is a role that is usually unnoticed, if done with the proper aplomb. Wear black, stay behind curtains and watch carefully. Adjust your settings so you can work without flash and put your camera in Silent Mode­ do not disturb The Audience. Find a part of the seating that optimizes vantage point with camouflage. NOTICE, BUT DON’T BE NOTICED. I’ve done the gig for several years, and am used to the routine.

But the 2013 awards were different for me. For I am also a teacher. I worked at Humber College between the years of 2002 and 2009 and I worked teaching Le Jeu , Physical Comedy and Stand­Up Comedy. And one of my students was Sara Hennessey. When Sarah was 13 or so, she walked into an audition I had the privilege to sit in on, run by Rob Cook and Jeff Young of the Arts York program at Unionville High School. The grade 10’s at the school would perform at a downtown Comedy Club. Teaching there changed my life! A few years later, I was brought into the faculty at Humber College and into my classroom walks a girl named Sara. She starts laughing and yelling, ROB TRICK!!! Ah yes, Sara Hennessy. She was unstoppable and wanted to know EVERYTHING. And I think she did just that. Her perseverance and desire to create and perform are qualities that she walked into the room with. She was going to make it.

On Saturday October 5th 2013 Sara Hennessey won the award for Best Female Stand­up Comedian in Canada. I am truly blessed to have been allowed to participate in her comedy education with the likes of Jeff and Rob, Allan and Larry, and many more people whom she has met along the way. And I can tell you, we are all extremely proud! So much so, that when she won, I wanted to scream and yell, how proud I was. But I am just the photographer. So I snapped and snapped, smilling a yard wide behind the lens.

So I’m yelling it now: Congratulations Sara! #dearrobtrick from Facebook



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