Gratitude and platitudes

It is way past Day 5 for the gratitude challenge. Day 4 proved to be an enormous undertaking because there was an onslaught of emotion poured in to the update. So this update is about the gratitude I learned from that update. It is about letting go. 22 years have been passed since the epicentre of that last update.Wars have come and gone. People have lived and died. The Earth has turned immeasurable times since then. But there is something that disallows us from forgetting. It makes us what we are today. I know I can’t forget, good or bad. But I can let go. At the very least I have to move on for my own sanity. Proving right or wrong will always be subject to to the whims of others to back you up …or not. the stories that have shaped many situations is all subjectivity. But there is a higher truth. Since that time I have lost three relatives to death. Death is literally the embodiment of letting go. In Yoga they have a pose called Shavasana or corpse pose which you can perform between other poses or at the end of a session of other poses. It is a way of embracing a little bit of death and what that means in day to day life. To move on….shove a bum, get a long little doggie. Yoga was borne out of society that was going crazy and a way to check into yourself amongst the madness. It works really well in tranquility but in fact is most useful when we consider the traffic and noise of where it comes from. It is a way to stop.To die a little bit rather than all at once.The French call orgasms the le petit Mort. Or the little death. It is an interesting thing to think that societies from across the globe have come up with the same ideas. In arguments, sometimes it is important to just give in regardless of the facts because of what might be gained in the process …which might just be peace. I can have gratitude for peace. Letting go is an art. I have watched people completely let go and move on without even thing about what has been lost in the process. Do I envy them now? There is another way to let go that is oriented around the vastness of the human condition and how small a part that we all play in this life. This is not meant to offend but rather, paradoxically to inspire. That we are all relatively small in comparison with the Universe. In many ways we are taught to be bound to those we are related to us or work with or industries as though they are part of our destinies whereas they might just be a pit stop or a way station on the way to other things. The only way to really tell is to look back with the clarity that that is even possible. Have you ever gone back t a former school …that you were so fond of, to notice how small the desks were really. Yet those desks had your pencils and notes and erasers that were passed amongst each other and formed your whole framework for your entire life. When we step away we learn that we have changed. That we cannot go backwards and yet sometimes we get sucked back into a maelstrom of dysfunction in order to fulfill others expectations. Truthfully , in life there is only forward but because we have this incredible brain we can re-compose our memories from haunting to OK. we emotionally remedy past injustices and frame them in a palatable form for present day consumption.The opposite can also happen where we invent problems that never existed. All because we cannot let go. So what is letting go? I think it is a question of breath and connection with heart and an elimination of fear. It isn’t easy. But fear I would say is even harder. We fight out of fear, we run out of fear, and we die out of fear. The irony is by accepting death and by extension eliminating fear we actually live better. #dearrobtrick from Facebook


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