I am writing this Day 4 of gratitude challenge with nothing specifically in my mind. I have spent the day watching, coaching, and being with my kids. My eldest Son scored two goals and my younger one was chasing the puck on most of his shifts. Saturdays are an interesting day for me because i am on for the entire day…usually with naps and peanut butter sandwiches sprinkled in. I love a good nap. They are the stuff of life and I have become expert at putting my legs here and my head there. In a car, on the floor of a bus, or even , and often at movies. I can sleep anywhere. Other people have trouble sleeping and I always wonder why that is. I am blessed with a real talent for placing elysium above reality for short periods of time. I CAN NAP. Even tonight as i planned to buy pizza for the birthday party tomorrow i decided this decision needed a nap and off i went. I can sleep through “How it’s made”. I can sleep through arguments. I can sleep through my wife as she shouts at Harris in the same way every morning. It doesn’t matter. And I can sleep through sex…not really, really! I have a hammock for sleeping in, I have a bed for sleeping in I have clothes for sleeping in. When I look at it now i realize that my entire life has been aimed at a horizontal position…just not that one. My whole reason for having sex at all is not to get to the Orgasm but rather the post coital lie down…I get tired reading , eating, playing tennis and even on a good run. I wear shorts in the winter so that when i come inside i can melt in the heat and then… fall asleep. zzzz #dearrobtrick from Facebook


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