On Mike Tyson on CP24

I think the idea that someone has done their time is an erroneous way at looking at crime and punishment. The effectiveness of doing time is always being debated and some guys come out better and some guys come out worse. So I would like to take that off the tble. The real crime as I see it happened about 500 years ago when people were placed into a system against their will and put to work for another group. In both cases those same people are still perpertrating the same ills or are still being placed in position of subservience through to this very day. I believe that Mike Tyson is a product of that system and i can have compassion for that. I cannot however condone rape by ignoring that he did that. Rape is a crime of anger and not a sexual endeavour. It only looks like sex. The victim of rape is very rarely the subject of the anger only the object of the act. Rape perpetuates the anger. In other words it too is a product of a system that maintains Anger at the expense of love. People have to recognize that. Mike Tyson was and is, a very angry man. I am sure he knows that. The question is did Nathan Downer do the right thing by asking him those questions? I would say that they are “fair” questions . Did Mike Tyson put himself in the firing line by showing up on a news channel? Yes. I would say they they are all guilty and for appearing on a free TV show. Mike Tyson had more people attend from his outburst…ie the bottom line rules #dearrobtrick from Facebook


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