I have had a very busy month. the kind of month where you actually feel like a working person. I have had a show at the Grinder on Main which I will be taking down tomorrow and I have attended the cafe even more than I usually do. I really appreciate the great people there. The atmosphere is incredible and the clientele is really loyal. James and Trish are so friendly and they allow me to fly my freak flag in terms of the photos they request to have flown in their cafe. I have been a little behind and thus delinquent in my Facebook duties but rest assured that I have reserved some time to catch up… It has been an interesting time in my life, as I transition from stay at home Dad to photographer. A few months ago, I left my agency for acting because I needed to be more present in my other pursuits. I still would love to act but the audition process was taking a toll and I really needed that energy for other things. I know I am good at these things called acting but maybe I will return when I am more established in other areas of my life. The same is true of my stand up…I am very funny…ask my mother…but as a father and a coach and a…you get the idea. I will be back.

I have also been writing an app that will be coming out upon approval from the App Store. Of course it is image based your kids will love it too. So look for that.
In terms of Photography, I am proceeding. If you like my stuff let me know and maybe we can work something out. I have found a studio and I will begin booking headshots. I did recently win the sports category in the Toronto Star photography contest so I will also try to find access to sporting events to shoot in my own style. Hopefully thereis a market for my style in sports.

It is a weird and wonderful time, for me as I feel like many parts of my life are coming together and of course my father has passed as I venture forward. I would love to tell him about the award but alas that is the order of time. I can only honour him from here on.

Robert Trick Johnston


Grinder on Main from Facebook


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