I have just arrived home from the great City of Peterborough

I have just arrived home from the great City of Peterborough. I am an odd duck at the best of times. But interestingly enough, I was welcomed into warm arms by RayJoanneJoe Stats, His wife Angie, and all the Battens, And my new friends, who are like old friends, like Andrea Barrett et al. There, as well, wereTim, and his very articulate daughter ( a playwright of some repute). The occasion of my visit was the 50th birthday of one of my best friends and artistic mentor, Bill Batten. Bill is like a father to me in ways he can never know and and I am very happy to have him in my life. I also got to meet his lovely wife Caroline, who is incomparable in her patience and grace. To their lovely daughters, who were dazzling in their finery and delightful in their demeanour.Bill can be very proud of his life, as his soul is poured into everything he does and reminds me of what to aspire to. Inspirational is how I would describe tonight. Thank you Bill for growing old, Sir! ‪#‎dearrobtrick‬

Your friend Rob Trick



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