@robtrick camping at Killbear

This week I am camping at Killbear Provincial Park near Parry Sound. We sleep in one tent. 2 boys, and my wife and I. For the first time on this trip and for a long time, I am sleeping next to my eldest. For the longest time I have advocated non violence. I am 6′ 2″ and 220 pounds his grandfathers are/ were over 6 feet 3 or above and the heaviest has been 280 pounds, played 2nd row in Rugby. Big. I promote non violence because it is right. And he will be BIG. These nights my son has been squirming, as if he is in a fight and one it doesn’t feel like he is winning. He jerks and makes sounds, throws elbows, the kind where he is struggling yet he is sleeping, so I am worried. He did have his first fight this year and he threw his first punch. The boy he fought is the biggest boy in the school. Both were in grade five when it happened. My son had been shoved over and over and finally punched Matthew in the face. I can use a first name because you will never know him. Really he is a nameless, shapeless, child of a bully who has inherited his fathers contempt for life. Another Bully who has armoured himself with muscles and girth. From Father to son , from son to father their tradition continues. They make other sons, my son, squirm in their sleep They make other sons, me, squirm in their sleep. because they couldn’t stand up to their father. How do we stop the cycle? My son threw the punch and stopped the nameless, faceless bully in his tracks. One punch in the face. I told him, one punch in the face. In front of everyone, I told him, in front of everyone. He was saved from more by the teacher/librarian, saved. Saved by a man who was probably bullied too. Saved. Now he his tormented, he squirms, because he couldn’t finish the fight. Saved. He needed to finish that fight and end the bullies reign of terror. Real terror. Fear of the unknown. His parents claim he is a victim, even though he has been kicked out of another school. I have watched this child push kids on the soccer pitch outside of school. I have watched him taunt other kids. My son stood up for himself and the school put him on a short leash. I would gladly, take my son a trip, if he would only let him finish the fight. I would gladly take my son on a trip during his suspension if they would let him finish the fight. Sleeping , rolling , squirming does my eldest sleep One punch, Dreams broken, one punch, one and done? Squirming , rolling, not sleep, trying to dream again Black Eye, green eye, yellow eye, gone Black eye, green eye , yellow eye , gone. Bully or Bullied , what will you become? Bully or Bullied, what will you become… Dreams. stopped with one punch? Dreams, stopped. with one punch…? Robert Trick Johnston A Father with a Son #dearrobtrick from Facebook


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