@robtrick My Oscar Acceptance Speech:

My Oscar Acceptance Speech: “I am am here because of the Baby boom…On the Advice of Dr Spock I was benignly neglected by Mother. Dressed like a girl by Heather, Hit by the Second, I am Third like Brian Piccolo, Competed with by the Fourth, Jane. Dressed like a girl again by my grandfather, Hit by my Grandmother with a wooden spoon on my Father’s side, and watched with resentment as my youngest brother got all of the Cascading love whilst doing nothing. I Was allowed to walk home alone along a major arterial Road in Toronto that allowed me to practice whistling, hurdling, Running and clicking noises that fed my desire for attention And luckily my Father left us at just the right time to give me the Character to play this role. And as a result I accept this on Behalf of Ben Affleck who could not be here tonight.” #dearrobtrick from Facebook


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