@robtrick The other point I want to make about cheaters is…

The other point I want to make about cheaters is…The person that is awarded the prize after the cheater doesn’t get a Parade. They may get a medal or some money but do they get to sip Champagne on the Champs Elysee or have a Family dinner a fine french restaurant with his family from Wisconsin? No…They don’t. Do they get to make a speech to the good people of France? Probably not. What these Cheaters really steal is the glory that these events need to survive and to flourish. They steal the limelight which can only be lit once. Even if they have to pay it all back they never have to give back the experiences in the interim time where they seduced, Ate, Drank, at the watering hole of celebrity. It is Time that they are stealing. BUT I must also say that we do not know who the real winners were. And of course Lance will be lumped into a group eventually who must of all been cheating.And it will fade in our memories. And then Lance Armstrong will run for office(mark my words) in Texas and win and he will be lumped in with all the other politicians that cheat . BUT/AND do you know who the real cheated person is? Me, I watched every possible televised Minute of those Tours DE France and I was pedaling every revolution with Lance . And I will never get that time back… #dearrobtrick from Facebook


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