@robtrick My father was an only child, born in 1932…

My father was an only child born in 1932…when he and my mother had us, the brood known as the Johnston’s, I don’t think he knew what hit him. 5 baby boomer kids running around in their Marks and Spencers Pajamas on Christmas day. Waiting for the Owen’s with our Cowboy or Doll in constant tow. Reading our Beano’s or Dandy’s or OOR Wullie in a mad dash so we could read the other one. And Waiting for our Dad to “CRACK” the Chocolate Orange against the mantle piece that was too high for us to reach. And waiting for Mum’s Turkey Dinner with all the love and laughter with our friends. Strangely Christmas was not overwhelming for my Dad, instead he embraced it completely and it soon became his favourite holiday. When my parents split in the great parental diaspora of the seventies and eighties, he met Bev with whom he would take on Boxing day in deference to my Mum but it was Boxing day in the true spirit of Christmas. He is not with us today but I will be “cracking” the Orange Chocolate against the mantle in memory of you. You are Missed #dearrobtrick from Facebook


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