From the desk of Rob Trick: Dear “to whomever it may concern”

A post reaction to another post

Dear to whomever it may concern: My take on it is that there is more moisture…as in, yes there is melting going on and it has to go somewhere…don’t live in low lying areas like New York, London, Bangkok, Venice. Civilizations have always tried to live near water, Think Atlantis. What we see in England is the tip of the Iceberg. The Ice Age was actually a very dry time, arid for the rest of the world because such huge amounts of water were locked up in continental Ice sheets. There is a finite amount of water that gets changed by consumption to a small extent but is released back in the form of expiration by animals. When you melt Ice sheets you have no reservoir to hold that water…it has to go somewhere. Water levels rise. Proving a theory is a waste of time or even contesting it. You are right, there are cycles. But if you live in Hamilton. I would move to the top of the escarpment for a start. But the water will fill every lake as well. Lake Huron will get higher, Lake Erie, Lake Ontario will all get higher Then the Mississippi. All the while the weather will become more tumultuous and erratic. Their will be floods, like in Toronto last summer every year. Humanity has managed to melt the Icecaps in about 500 years. Of course there are cycles but it is the rate of change that is really being discussed. It is a good thing that we walk upright and most can swim. My cousins who live 45 miles up the Thames had weeks of flooding. We have had record Snowfall in Toronto, Flooding last summer. It isn’t a joke but we can certainly make jokes because nothing is going to stop it. Hey Can I get a spot? #dearrobtrick from Facebook


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