Bill and Nelson

From a Bill Cosby post about Nelson Mandela:

I commented:

“I was introduced to Bill Cosby by our Art teacher Mrs Rodney, who let us listen to comedy Records including Bob Newhart, George Carlin and of course you Bill Cosby. There is something so wonderful about listening to comedy while drawing, laughing instead of shouting, immersed in another world made up of a collaboration of the voice, the art and the laughter. The truth is that hearing a voice recorded is a color blind experience. It matter that Bob and George were white and Bill was black . They were Funny. And they shed light on life. I loved laughter after that so much so that I too became a comedian. I have never understood the racial divide. To me the idea that my choices of friends, business Partners, and lovers is limited is ridiculous and petty. I love differences,. In Sports, Business, and Life I love and respect my opposition because they care enough to be involved. Nelson Mandela knew this too, he knew that he had to love his countrymen, Black or White. He knew in a strange way that they would have to walk the same path eventually. That walking, not running was the key. He showed by living a long life that change will come if you walk slowly to the goal but only to the goal. He knew if you played sports side by side you would see the goal. He knew that if you were real and honest on TV you would see the goal. Wisdom is a hard thing to come by, it takes time. Nelson had it, and Bill has it. Thank you both for your contributions and efforts. And thanks too to Mrs Rodney for introducing me to you”


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