Remembrance Day, Mr Ford keep it up: laughter is important or is that democracy

We are not in the clear. The recent events of Rob Ford, illustrate a bigger problem that is more problematic than even crack or booze. Rob Ford’s election, is the product of our electoral process, that we participated in. He got elected, because a majority of people voted for him. They remain the real problem. Not only did they think he was the right guy for the job, they got out and campaigned for him. We are faced with a new enemy now, depending on how this problem moves forward and that is, to rehab democracy. Since the advent of the Megacity, which was set up to appropriate the resources and exploit what was a great downtown core, there have always forces that have been after land. Land, In the form of Schools and houses, as a place to build more and more high density living. There is some argument for increasing density in a big city. But I digress. Like the Toronto Sun, Rob Ford, is doing a phenomenal job of looking like he represents the regular joe. Sunshine girls and crack? Is that we want? The right wing, in this country, is finding any way they can, to co opt democracy. Or are they? Have we spent so much time watching and participating in Social media. Facebook has been great for finding cats and bikes but it has yet to find leaders. All the exhortation on social media will never replace the steps of campaigning. It is us that are culpable. The complacency, in our country, is reflected in the allowance for a Rob Ford and the proroguing of parliament in Ottawa or the shutdown of many government services, including Stats Canada (losing many employees). In a week it will be Remembrance Day or Armistice Day, as it was once called. How would those guys and gals feel if they heard all the crap going on. They gave up a lot, including their lives for a concept, that is being sacrificed for the good of only enterprise. Money is an illusion, a way to barter services and goods with discretionary ability. It is not real compared to the people that provide those goods and services. We are those people, and we have to take back the right to participate by getting off our asses and joining the democratic process. We have only our selves to blame…Image

From another blog: “Let me ask this question: is Rob Ford more like an American politician (think Marion Barry or Boss Hogg)or is he progresive, democratic… Do we have the statistics that you are so fond of that illustrate that in fact he has raised the deficit…and the debt? I don’t know what his direction is. I could have had sympathy for his mantra when he was getting elected but I new he was full of shit. He is a bad example of a rich kid playing down to the masses and he is superb at it. He comes from a political family and his brother Doug maybe even worse. They will send this city down a path it will never recover from because they have too many favours to pay.They are crooks, were crooks and will continue to be crooks…and that is why they are bad for Toronto. They will deal away the garbage, they will deal away the TTC and into hands that will only be motivated by the huge money they make and not to provide a better service the way free enterprise is supposed to do.”


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