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An epistle to a Vole

Mike, how many kids do you have? How do they get their crack? How do they pay for it? Rob Ford is not “plain and Simple”. He is a millionaire. Drugs are way easier when you have money. Ask Keif while he is in town. Drugs may not be the problem but the price is…at least for everyone else from below a certain income. Wait i am wrong, Crack and Meth are especially bad as they rot our cities from the inside out. The Cavitiy they create only continues to fester and ruin lives. You may be Be able to do drugs and cope but most can’t. Let me know when you have kids…and then we’ll talk

I love that he is so bombastic, a true and proper fool. I understand huge parts of his agenda. but the reasons or need for this type of mayor is because of cutbacks in the 1990’s. Don’t get me wrong I don’t want him as Mayor . I was friends with David Miller . The game Ford plays is so similar to the Football Jocks at my old high school. The Star has been relentless and we will never know how much they drove him to do Crack. But if I remember my football Folk from my High School Days they were standing on the shoulders precariously of their achievements and endeavours. They are not intrinsically motivated or brave but rather Narcissistic and selfish. Again if I remember correctly, The football “jocks” got a huge amount of glory, Did Drugs and got all the girls. That affirmation stunted their growth, I also remember them trying to intimidate me. Calling me Fag. I am 6’2 240 pounds played Rugby for Ontario, Swam and played Tennis for my University, Won MVP in Hockey Tournaments on multiple occasions and came top ten in the country in Triathlons. AND NEVER PLAYED FOOTBALL yet they are remembered as the athletes. To Doug and Rob, FUCK OFF.


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