His name is Trayvon Martin: Zimmerman Vs Whatshisname

To the victor go the spoils:


What a sad day …

…when Trayvon Martin died at the hands of George Zimmerman. I should correct that. He was gunned downed. We are treading on a difficult path as we segregate and divide our society into white and black, rich and poor and yin and yang. The true opportunity in this society, North America is to coalesce and emerge as a new culture that can withstand the ignorance and biases of an ancient premise that really is unlikely to last. The designation of people by their skin colour, is short sighted and limiting, and the clash is inevitable, willingly or unwillingly. It is the same kind of inevitability as Kodak having to give up film. Times change! Don’t hold anything too long that will slip away or you won’t be prepared for what comes next.Don’t look back in anger but forward with joy. The tilt that will occur in the USA and the rest of the world when integration between all people will only help to improve our lives. It is only because we have subjugated people historically that we find ourselves on the precipice of change that will be hard but beneficial long term. People really are just people. But it is easy to say from here, I am Canadian. We aren’t perfect and life isn’t always easy but we are further down that road towards an integrated world.

The real crime as far as I am concerned happens years before an incident like this when they allow for private neighbourhoods and the injustices between white and black….which are predicated on stupidity and ignorance. There is racism in Canada but it doesn’t hamstring us so much that we can’t progress towards greater equality. The fact of the matter is that Zimmerman and Martin are/were/will be pawns in all the outstanding agendas. Their names are interchangeable with the next two twits who fall prey to the temptations of stupidity. But they have the unfortunate link with a landmark case that was waiting to happen with two innocents who are stupid enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. And thus, History and precedent, will be made over and over again until we realize that the laws are wrong. But let me tell you…I was not there and am thusly unqualified to comment, really…It is about the difference between two beginnings. Our Country and theirs. They have emphasized property and defence of such, so much, that they will go down defending it. As well, they fight for an individuals right to express, and protect their beliefs. So pity on those, that get in the way. That being said, with half of the discussions that I witness, there is an understanding that you can say, and, almost do what you want. Intuitively, Canadians know this, I know this, about our Cousins. They are only cousins because we were “started differently”. But we are really brothers in truth. Canadian faults include accepting of monopolies and high taxes and gun control. American faults include not putting up with any of that. These may seem naive thoughts…but I used to hold Kodak and RIM and Northern Telecom stock…So I have learned my lesson


One thought on “His name is Trayvon Martin: Zimmerman Vs Whatshisname

  1. Looking at this case objectively, where both people involved were say, white, would yield the same result by a jury.

    It is those that choose to see skin colour over objectivity that are the true racists of our society.

    And there’s more of them than you’d think.

    You do make a great point about us Canadians putting up with monopoly and outrageously high taxes, funnelling money (and power) to some well-intentioned and foolish politicians. This won’t last forever though.

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