Rob Ford and Pride

From another Status:

I don’t know if he is a racist or fiscally responsible…the liberal left, I think, is probably upset with their lack of access to the coffers of this city. My mother was a city councillor for 30 years but was never adopted by the left or the right. The idea that a city can be managed by dogma is very inflexible and therefore unresponsive. Her opinion in general was to see the positive in the arts and Pride etc. . Regardless of your political or religious views. pride served to help the city to celebrate a huge part of our city. Rob Fords decision not to support it smacks of fear more than anything. I might be afraid of sitting on a fire truck with hoses everywhere. I understand that but not ignoring half a million prospective constituents. Not everyone is a progressive as the rest. He has my compassion but not my respect on that. The other issue for me about him on pride is how that lack of support for that community is perceived by the general public. There is a huge amount of support for his points of views. But rather than lead them forward towards , what I believe, is a more progressive , more modern, more normal viewpoint and diffuse the fear, he is reinforcing the fear. I have said in other posts that you have to support the hub. The Chinese know that with Beijing and Shanghai. The French know it I with Paris. The English know it with London. The so called fiscally responsible response is misguided. We always talk about world class. I don’t see it. Why do you think we lose Olympic bids? By fooling ourselves. We need subways. We need public housing. We need welfare.We need luminato, we need the arts. And we need to pay people enough that they can , in turn, spend money in the economy. Certainly the budget would go up but the idea that saving money on Dinners and limousines is petty. Giving people jobs is one thing but disposable income is another. That is the true engine of an economy, not casinos. The arranged and managed economies of the right, the selling off and privatizing, is just another way of robbing us. How much was the Skydome to build? And how much did Rogers buy it for? That is a pretty good buy. And did our cellphone bills go down? Not likely. That dynamic is everywhere and a casino would be just another version of that. The private sector makes these choices for us by installing their people and saying anything to get the general public to vote for them. It is counter intuitive to vote for the right, as far as I am concerned. When only twenty percent benefit directly…. The greatest growth in economies in the west came after the introduction of socialism. The Panama Canal was only finished after they introduced health care. Don’t get me wrong I believe in Capitalism. More than most . I understand the intrinsic desire to succeed . I am self employed and do many different things with various degrees of success. There is a huge satisfaction when things go well and incredible introspection when things fare less well. But the lack of security is not for everyone. Recently I went for an Historical walk of Toronto. When you look a the architecture of the old city you realize that this city has ripped down huge swaths of beautifully buildings. I can imagine the conversations in council as the fought for their self interests. This city has been robbed over and over by a similar group with the same last names. Be they Whigs or Tories or conservatives…we have been robbed. You can’t rebuild these legacies. What we lack is vision…Mel didn’t have it, but John Sewell did, Art Eggleton didnt But David Crombie did. Rob Ford doesn’t but David Miller did. I repeat, we need Subways, We need Welfare and we need Jobs…but mostly we need Vision. One of our greatest leaders in this country was a louse. Sir John could drink. But he was a leader. I’ll give Rob Ford a flyer on the crack if it means he has a vision…but we all know he doesn’t


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