I know a little fella, well I actually haven’t met him personally but I am very proud of him . In Fact he is one of my heroes. Yesterday I had the privilege of visiting his hometown of Hamilton. Not his birthplace. His Birthplace is Baltimore. Meaning he was born in Baltimore, actually he was born before his due date which is why he was born in Baltimore. You see My new little friend, let us call him “Holmes” was born at 25 weeks and for the uninitiated that means he was born 15 weeks early. He was 30 centimetres long. One foot. His head might have been 3 inches. Small. But he is already my hero. Luckily his parents had insurance to pay for the nearly 200 thousand dollar bill. Otherwise their plans to move might be delayed…But why is he my hero?…because he has never given up. At 25 weeks his lungs were under-developed and he remained on a respirator. As well they found a puncture in his lower intestine so he has an “ostomy bag” to push the feces past the hole. It is then reintroduced into the colon where the body happily reabsorbs the dark matter and helps him grow…At this point he is almost 45 centimetres some weeks later and we are told that he just melts in his mothers arms. My little hero also has his own heroes. His parents. I know the Father had to travel back to get supplies and have maintained a vigil at his side and are with him constantly as they have navigated the difficult transition from Maryland back to Ontario. They were amazed by the great medical care on either side of the border. He is having a surgery soon to repair his colon. I will be waiting to hear. I will be waiting to hear about my hero. He may have been named after Sherlock Holmes But he is turning out to be more like Larry Holmes. Good Luck my Hero. And BTW I think he is Royalty


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