From an earlier posting:

I don’t hate cops …I don’t hate anyone except the guy who Sped up to take the open space at the rainbow bridge on Sunday. We have an interesting conundrum in Toronto and maybe elsewhere. People shouldn’t be shot for knives. Cattle prods would have solved it. Tennis Balls thrown on mass might have stopped him. No creativity was used here. No presence, just fear. That is the real problem. Whether people are allowed to defend themselves is irrelevant especially when he was out numbered. Of course you can defend yourself but compassion to your adversary is important in judging your choices. Admire your enemy because it is like them that you will end up most. What in ourselves is reflected in our action, inaction,complacency, worry,and impatience. We are the cops and we are the victims in this case like all others. getting off or going to jail, we all die a little.

“With that shooting recently, I am left wondering as to why The police couldn’t have overpowered him. Wielding a weapon is stupid in the first place but couldn’t they be equipped with other methods. Whatever happened to strength…? or technique ie Karate, Tae Kwon Do, or a swift kick. Why are they not provided with Lassos or Bolos or even a net. WTF has happened to bravery? I know your life is on the line everyday so then buy a net…don’t even budget it just buy one. Or start a Kickstarter or indiegogo campaign and we will raise money for Ropes and knot tying courses.”


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