Last night I went looking for my staple of Iced Tea and a Snickers. I walked into my local convenience store and saw the man behind the counter turn with delight. He is from Pakistan and as a Muslim he is in the last days of Ramadan. He told me that I was still very funny, which was unsolicited, since I just moved in silently in my normal twitchy way. He then asked me “why are you funny?” I returned with the normal pain and birth order argument..I said “I am the 3rd in a 5 child family” I mean doesn’t that say it all? I said you know how when you have a first child and you pour yourself into them and then you have second and have seemingly no energy for them?. He nodded….”Well I am third”. He laughed knowingly. I went on to describe my family and their attributes and we chuckled about all other things family. As this was going on, his Daughter showed up with his dinner. During Ramadan, you must fast during the hours of the day, and can only eat after sundown. As we chatted, he grabbed one of my IcedTeas, opened it, and proceeded to drink. And quickly! He drank at least half. I hadn’t paid for it but I was going to…so I went to the fridge to grab another bottle. While I was doing that, he divided his dinner onto two plates. I thought he was giving his daughter some but instead he gave me half of his meal. I stood there perplexed. I was confused. He then said “eat”. I said Ok. The aromas were incredible. It was like a Chicken Biryani but more importantly it was a gift. He shared his meal with me and I asked him why? He shared his meal when he was hungry from a month of fasting. And we laughed. Again I asked him “Why”? He said because you were sent to me by Allah. I was touched. I almost cried. I was honoured. When I got home, my kids were still up so I sat them down and told the the story of the man who just fed me. Then I did cry.


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